Directorate “Property Management and Public Procurement”

Directorate “Property Management and Public Procurement” organizes the drafting, conclusion and termination of contracts related to the activities of the Agency; conducts market research of goods, services, companies, organizations and price-level research; coordinates and controls the implementation of contracts; plans, organizes and coordinates all actions related

Directorate “Administrative-Legal services and Human Resources”

Directorate "Administrative and Legal Services and Human Resources" provides methodological guidance, coordinates, controls and participates in the development of draft enactments, regulations and draft internal acts, draws up legal opinions on draft laws and other regulations, provides legal assistance in the work of the administrative units of the Agency and gives

Public relations specialist

The Public Relations Specialist provides assistance to the Chairperson in formulating and developing specific decisions for the implementation of the Agency's media policy; proposes to the Chairperson for approval strategic priorities, goals and resolutions related to the media policy of the Agency; ensures the interaction in connection with the media presentation with the administrative units in accordance with the established organizati


The Inspectorate carries out administrative control over the activities of the Agency by: performing planned complex and thematic, unscheduled and subsequent inspections of structures, activities and processes in the Agency; routinely reports to the Chairperson on their findings and gives opinions, recommendations and suggestions; exercises control over the provisio

Information security officers

The Information Security Officer performs tasks related to: monitors compliance with the requirements of the Classified Information Protection Act and international treaties in relation to the protection of classified information; applies the rules on the types of protection of classified information; develops a plan for protection of the Agency through physical and